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What We Offer


Our thermal imaging can pinpoint issues that are not detectable to the human eye. Drone inspections are a cost effective and a much safer alternative to traditional methods. Our most common inspections projects include:

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Photogrammetry, Mapping and 3D Models

Our cost effective use of UAV technology allows us to fly your site without interfering with or stopping any active operations. We provide highly accurate and detailed orthomosaics which can be used to measure distances with centimetre level accuracy. Our 3D models provide a unique perspective to any site and allow us to conduct volumetric surveys for aggregate stockpile reporting. The most common uses are:

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Photography/Videography Capture & Editing

We offer a wide variety of photography and videography services to meet the needs of any project. We can look after all of the photo, video and audio editing for you, or if you would prefer to do it yourself, we can provide you with all of the digital files from the shoot. Some of our most popular projects include real estate marketing, aerial farm photos, action sports, weddings, sporting events and many more...

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We offer custom training programs to fit the needs of any client. Whether you're an individual looking to get your basic drone pilot's license or a company looking to train multiple people as advanced, our Transport Canada certified flight reviewer's can help. In addition to pilot training, we offer flight training on some of the most common consumer and industrial drones.

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